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Fauquier All Time Greatest Moments and Achievements
by: Ted Proctor - 3-31-2015
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    Robby Gosnell and Charles Jenkins

Indulging in the best moments and achievements came about a year ago and was somewhat short at the time. Itís not hard to understand that the Fauquier wrestling program has had some very successful seasons over the past few years as the teamís success has shown this past season by bringing home the state crown.

Being a part of some of many moments, I could not resist jotting them down and then ranking them. Not here to compare teams just those outstanding and over the top moments that have occurred over time.

But I must first express that you will not find any moments or achievements in the 90ís as the program was in a re-building process that took many years to complete. Fauquier wrestling simply was not that good back then and filling 14 starting line-up weight classes was almost impossible. As Fauquier County opened its second high school in 1994 Ė Liberty - the majority of the returning wresters from the year beforeís team was slated to attend Liberty and be coached by Jim Raines.

So to present these instances in time where Fauquierís wrestling team has triumphed surely should show that if the people work hard and stay the course to build a successful program - through time, good things can happen along the way. Like anything in life failures do occur first before any success story can be told or witnessed as team Fauquier has most certainly been hit on the chin a few times.

Even though it may not be high up on the achievement list, itís important to note one of the first turning points for Fauquier wrestling team historically was in the 1999-2000 season. Through the Regional post season play Fauquier qualified 6 wrestlers to the AAA state meeting and the most in school history at the time. To look back two underclassman wresters Robby Gosnell and Charles Jenkins had emerged to lead the team through this winning season and future ones. Yes there were others but these two wrestlers would aid in putting Fauquier wrestling on the map.

This timeline actually occurred during Coach Bryan Hurstís first year as the head coach as the team also posted a 14-7 season record making this also the first time in history that any Fauquier wrestling team had boasted 14 wins in a single seasons. I simply make reference to this as a benchmark in time where the wrestling program took forward steps.

Another benchmark came in the 2007-08 season also as team Fauquier competed in the National division at the Virginia Duals for the second year. No need to discuss how tough the National Division is but Fauquier wrestling beat two state power house teams - Cox and Great Bridge high schools out of the beach. This also came on the after math of Great Bridge coming off winning the state title 15 plus years as both teams were ranked at the top of the state rankings.

Even though you may look back in time now and dwell on teams, comparing one season or team to the next one should not lose sight on the fact that itís always something special when a team or an individual does something great. It adds value to the moment, even more if itís for the first time in school history.

Most of these accomplishments that have been sketched down come from wrestlers contributing to work hard in a system to build a winning program which in the end has uplifted Fauquier wrestling to what it has done most recently Ė win a state title. One could also state that this 4A State Championship title should also be considered a benchmark and shared among current folk but more important with past as well. This championship may not have happened without all of those failures and successful moments.

Do not get me wrong Fauquier Nation has produced some great wrestlers and teams but to drill to the core of the all time greatest moments and achievements of 25 in some sense one could say 25 is a short list. Also note that this list has been shared with current and past coaches so it was built with an open discussion with people who should have a say and opinion.

Like others I do hope that Fauquier wrestlingís winning tradition continues and is not short lived as greater and greater moments can and will occur. I also hope that this Greatest All Time Moments and Achievements list over time will evolve and continue to grow.

Letís hope records and over the top events are still out there to be had and obtained. Not being satisfied at times is what drives the human soul and in some sense is what you would want wrestlers and teams to have - striving to want more. But for now we are going to have to just wait and see.

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    Fauquier All Time Greatest Moments and Achievements

1. 4A State Championship Title - 8 wrestlers in the Semi-Finals, 6 in Finalist and 3 champs with 129 pts, the first time in team 50 school year history - 2015

2. Nick Cook winning the Beast of East tournament over John Hiles (St Francis) in the finals- 2007

3. Nick Cook winning the Powerade tournament beating Paul Snyder (Mt. Pleasant) 3-1 OT and the #2 ranked wrestler in the county - 2008

4. Three 2x 4A Individual State Champs (D. Ariola, M. Raines, and G. Tingen) - 2015

5. Three 4A Individual State Champs (D. Ariola, M. Raines, and G. Tingen) - 2014

6. Runner up 3A Team State Championship with 9 Individual Placements at a State, the most in team history - 2009

7. Runner up 4A Team State Championship; while only qualifying 5 wrestlers to state meet - 2014

8. Three wrestlers in the 3A State Finals; first time in school history (R. Hunsberger-2nd, C. Moon-2nd, D. Mcgillivray-1st) - 2009

9. Going 3-2 at the 2015 Virginia Duals National High School Division. Beating two National ranked teams; defeating Don Bosco Prep Nationally ranked 37th in the county and seeded #1 (36 to 32) and defeating McDonogh (33-32); tied first round match (30-30) but lost in criteria - 2015

10. Going 3-1 at the 2011 Virginia Duals American Division and a 2nd place finish - 2011

11. Robby Gosnell winning the 2A State Championship title; first State Champ in 20 years - 2002

12. Tom Cummings becoming the first and the only 4x Regional Champion - 1980/81/82/83

13. Team finishing 12th at the Beast of East with 95pts Ė 2008

14. Winning the 2A Regional team Championship second year in a row and qualifying 11 wrestlers to the AA State Championship. The most in team history - 2011

15. Winning 7 straight District / Conferences 22 Championship Titles from 2006-2012

16. Greg Flournoy taking 4th place as the Beast of the East beating Jacob Crawford (Millbrook) in the Quarters the #12 ranked wrestler in the country - 2008

17. Garrett Tingen winning the Elite Opener -pinning Corbin Allen (Handover HS.) in Finals the #15 ranked wrestler in the county - 2014

18. Matt Raines winning the Mount Mat Madness tournament over Eric Hong (Georgetown Prep) and being named Outstanding Wrestler - 2014

19. Kyle Budd (as a freshman) pinning Gray Hart (Hanover HS.) in the 4A State Championship Semi-Finals and securing the team point value to win the team state championship - 2015

20. Going 2-2 at the 2008 Virginia Duals National High School Division. Beating two top ranked VA teams; defeating Cox (37-23) and defeating Great Bridge (32-24). This was a benchmark that the wrestling program was becoming one of the better teams in Virginia - 2008

21. Garrett Tingen (as a sophomore) pinning Austin Jenkins (Eastern View HS.) in the Conference 22 Championship Finals - 2014

22. Qualifying 6 wrestlers to the AAA State Championship and earning 14 wins during the season, the most in the team 35 year history and a benchmark that the wrestling program was becoming good - 2000

23. Winning 4 consecutive Regional Championship from 2010-2013

24. Most Regional Champs 4 (G. Flournoy, C. Miller, C. Moon, D. McGillivray), and first time in the team 45 year history - 2009

25. Winning 9 Individual District Champions, most and first time in team 45 year history - 2009

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