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Ironman and Escape the Rock added to the 2018-19 Fauquier Wrestling Schedule
by: Ted Proctor

Ironman and Escape the Rock added to the 2018-19 Fauquier Wrestling Schedule

While summer is in full swing, Coach Doug Fisher has been busy improving on the 2018-19 season’s campaign with 14 wrestling dates. The Falcons will be participating in five Nationally ranked wrestling events next season and could be considered one of the elite in season schedules that Fauquier has ever inked in on paper.

The tentative 2018-19 schedule.

The VHSL has the winter sport programs starting in early November gives the Falcons just four weeks to prepare for competition the first week in December.

Team Fauquier will continue its tradition by attending the Skyline Elite Opener (Dec. 1st) and will host the Falcon Duals (Dec. 8th). But this December Coach Fisher has been granted an entree to the top rank wrestling event Walsh Ironman (Dec. 7-8).

The Walsh Ironman takes place in Ohio and since 1994 Nationally ranked programs continue to wrestle at this individual tournament which has helped turn this elite event into the Nation’s best high school wrestling event in the country.

Fifteen days’ later the Falcons will again travel to Delaware for the Beast of the East (Dec. 22-23). Since 2007 team Fauquier has participated in this individual wrestling event and have placed as high as 12th in 2008. The Beast of the East is also known for hosting the best ranked teams on the east coast as team Fauquier will be in the mix.

The second half of the season will have Fauquier at the Mount Mat Madness (Dec. 28-29), Bald Eagle Duals (Jan. 5), Virginia Duals (Jan. 11-12), USMC Challenge (Jan. 19), and Escape the Rock (Jan. 19-20). This maybe considered the toughest part of the schedule for the Falcons heading into the post season.

The Escape the Rock is another new wrestling event that Coach Fisher has added to the 2018-19 schedule which will take place in PA. Historically this individual wrestling event pulls high level wrestlers from the east coast.

Questions for Coach Fisher

Q: Having 14 dates set for the wrestling season while adding Walsh Ironman and Escape the Rock, any refection on the toughness of the 2018-19 schedule.

Fisher: "It is my goal to try to provide the best environment for success for our guys at all levels. I expect we will have success this year at all of the national tournaments that we will be attending, with the expectation of growing our numbers at these events in future years. We have a fantastic coaching staff that allows us to split our coaching resources effectively."

Q: There is three dates on the schedule where you have double booked two different wrestling events. Can you explain to our viewer what’s going to happen on these dates?

Fisher: "Each of these dates include a national, invitation only, tournament. In some cases, the invitations are exclusive to specific wrestlers, while other invitations are more open ended, but yet still capped with the number of Fauquier wrestlers that can attend. While these Fauquier wrestlers are wrestling at these exclusive events, the majority of the team will be wrestling more regionally."

Q: The second half of the season and the last six dates of the schedule will have team Fauquier entered and competing in some very tough completion – any reflection?

Fisher: "Yes, the entire team is going to be challenged the second half of the season. Without challenge, there is little growth. A tough schedule prepares our guys for ultimate post-season success."

Q: Getting a feel of the Northwestern District and Regions (C) teams last year and entering the second year of this new VHSL format, can you discuss the strength of the teams of Region C. Also, how do you think the season will prepare team Fauquier for the post season?

Fisher: "We have some tough teams in our district and region. We did not achieve our team goals in entirety last year, and we need to make the necessary adjustments as coaches and wrestlers to put us in the best position to achieve our team goals this year. We need to have 14 battle tested guys that know they can place in the state and our schedule is meant to do just that."

The following link which will show the current tentative schedule: 2018-19 schedule (subject to change).

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