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Birds o' Prey Wrestling Club is a Breeding Ground for Champions
Ted Proctor
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Birds o' Prey Wrestling Club is a Breeding Ground for Champions
picture by: Debora Franklin

As the VHSL season comes to close its time to hit the reset button and gear up for spring wrestling season. Not going to jump the gun and discuss the summer season yet as all eyes must be on the March, April, and May.

Look no further than the Birds o' Prey Wrestling Club as it will start its fifth off-season wrestling year and it has turned into a breeding ground for middle and high school youth wrestling excellence. The list below will presents the 2016 champions from around the surrounding counties that have workout in the BoPWC the past few years.

Have you ever heard "Champions are made in the Offseason"? These days you sometimes scratch your head and wonder, "when is the office season?". But it's no secret that in order to be an elite level wrestler it takes a massive amount of dedication to train and compete through the spring, summer and fall. The Birds o' Prey Wrestling Club offers a USA Wrestling Sanctioned Wrestling Club that provides off-season training and competition opportunities for current 7th - 12th graders.

Exploring why spring wrestling better prepares you to become a State Champion is a huge question. Learning and wrestling Greco and Freestyle will improve your folk style game. Of course Greco and Freestyle have some rules that are slightly different but it is critical to be exposed to this international sport. "The Freestyle and Greco scoring emphasize the importance of position more than Folk style. When you are successful in those styles, your will significantly improve your Folk style game." Coach Doug Fisher notes.

Another comparative aspect is in the Neutral position. Greco and Freestyle will make you a better wrestler on your feet. Wrestlers can use the same scoring techniques you learn in Folk style to score in Freestyle as there are cross over moves that work. Coach Fisher also states "Recent rule changes in freestyle and Greco have placed more importance on takedowns, and a takedown is a takedown no matter what the style.".

There are plenty of opportunities in the State of Virginia to get wrestling matches in the off season. Virginia has a VAWA website and a non-profit organization dedicated to wrestling in Virginia. Coach Doug Fisher aligns the BoPWC with the VAWA calendar to ensure the best possible wrestling opportunities for the club. The BoPWC will host weekly wrestling practice every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30-6:30pm in Fauquier wrestling room starting on March 8th and ending the last Thursday in October.

To become a seasoned wrestler in-season one has to train out of season. The BoPWC teaches techniques that will help you win matches. Do you want to wrestle LIVE - look no further as live wrestling is built into the weekly practices! At times BoPWC will also bring in college coaches for clinics, aligns Folk style, Freestyle, and Greco tournaments for wrestlers to attend and BoPWC coaches will be available at designated competitions. Become one of the best wrestlers on your high school team and join the ranks of others that are simply winning matches and tournaments.

To join the BoPWC wrestlers must complete the Registration Form and can be found on the: http://bopwc.org/

VHSL State Champions:
106 Jonathon Walker 3A Brentsville
113 Kyle Budd 4A Fauquier
160 Garrett Tingen 4A Fauquier
170 Ray Bernot 6A Battlefield

VHSL State Runner-Ups:
138 Kyle Roche 4A Fauquier
170 Dylan Gumaer 3A Brentsville
170 Clifford Harrison 4A Fauquier
170 Ethan Foley 1A Rappahannock

VHSL State Place winners:
126 Ty Foster 3rd place 4A Fauquier
113 Parker Velez 4th place 3A Brentsville
145 Caleb Strum 3rd place 4A Fauquier
160 Eric Galloway 3rd place 3A Culpeper

VHSL State Qualifiers:
120 Joe DelGallo 4A Fauquier
132 Kameron Mize 3A Culpeper
152 Franco Camarca 4A Fauquier