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The 2015-16 All Time Greatest Moments and Achievements
Ted Proctor
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Garrett Tingen - After winning by pin in the 4A State Championship and becoming a 3x VHSL State Champ
picture by: Debora Franklin

If you recall these best moments and achievements came into existence just about two years ago. At the conclusion of the 2016 wrestling campaign no question or thought is needed to once again make adjustments to this list as it should be altered. Without a doubt we were witness to new moments and accomplishments that would call for them to be spelled out and inserted from top to bottom. Some years it may not be as special but the 2015-16 season takes on five new events taking the list from 25 to 30.

Again as noted the first time I wrote about these achievements and went public with them, you are not going to find any moments or achievements from the 90's. At that time the wrestling program was in a re-building process as it did take years to become good. But from time to time past moments may get a bid as one comes in from 2012 taking this list to 31.

A polished work of art does not increase in value overnight as it takes years and the many former High School and youth wrestling coaches all should tip their hats to these amazing successful moments and stories.

Team Fauquier with the help of the Fauquier Sports Foundation has made it possible for the current teams to strive for these moments. The support of the Fauquier Sports Foundation also should NOT go unnoticed.

These moments cannot simply be picked from any fruit tree as you must be good and be in the instant to capture it. I can weigh up to the fact that Fauquier wrestling is a pretty good Virginia state team these days. We all can say that now after Coach Fisher and company has won the 4A State Championship for a second straight time.

With six newly added Moments and Achievements I am going to work backwards with the lowest and newest event to the best - below are these Moments and Achievements.

#31. Region II Championship Finals Max Strum winning by pin over Thomas Smith (Powhatan) - A final match where Smith subsequently separated a Kettle Run Gym door from its hinges - 2012. Even though this happen a few years ago it still is shocking to remember the aftermath of Thomas Smith action after being pinned by Strum. An achievement for Strum to win the Region II Title but only to be trumped by Smith dismantling the gym door. Coach Fisher: "Yes, that was a crazy few seconds. Smith never saw the cradle coming."

#25. Cam Franklin with the come from behind pin sparking and 8-0 finals round at the 2016 Conference 22 Finals which resulted in Fauquier coming from behind to win the Conference Title - 2016. Being down to Freedom HS by 7.5 points leading into the Conf. Finals and having four head to head match-ups, Fauquier was able to rattle off eight wins and one of the biggest come from behind Conf. Titles ever. Coach Fisher: "That was a fantastic round for us. Cam's come from behind pin was certainly the driver for the round."

#22. Kyle Budd (as a sophomore) winning in the 4A State Championship Semi-Finals 1-0 over DJ Ahalt (Courtland) and then winning his 4A State Finals match 7-4 over Aaron Black (Jameswood). Kyle Budd with back to back wins over previous State Champions to seal the 2016 VHSL State Title for himself and the team - 2016. Both of these matches also set the tone for team Fauquier to have the momentum to win additional matches afterwards Budd. Coach Fisher: "Every match at states is critical when the team score is close, but Kyle Budd knocking off two previous state champs, both of which had beaten him previously, was a tremendous accomplishment and moment in Fauquier history."

#19. Garrett Tingen taking 5th place as the Beast of the East - 2015. Tingen went onto post a 6-2 record and helped the team earn 40th place with 39 points. Coach Fisher: "Garrett had a great tournament. He had been so close so many times before in national tournaments, and he finally punched through. He became our first placer at Beast after about an 8 year dry spell."

#3. Garrett Tingen becoming the first wrestler in Fauquier Co. ever to win the VHSL State Championships 3x - 2014, 2015, and 2016. His contribution to the team this season and past seasons is one reason why Fauquier wrestling has had such recent success. Coach Fisher: "Garrett is one of kind. He had 9 matches in the post season this year (2 at Conference, 4 at Regions, 3 at States) and he had 9 pins. He has been an extreme pleasure to coach, watch and be around. He is one of the toughest competitors that I have ever known. I am sure he will continue to do great things. I am going to miss having him around next year."

#1. 4A State Championship Title - 6 wrestlers in the Semi-Finals, 4 in Finalist and 2 champs with 114.5 pts - 2016. This State Championship sits on top of the Greatest Moments and Achievement as the odds were not with team Fauquier to win the championships. It's always harder to go back-to-back and team needed to record bonus points as they did. Coach Fisher: "This was one of the most trying years that I have had as a coach. We as a staff knew that if we got everyone moving in the correct direction, everyone at their optimal weights, everyone focused on a common goal, and everyone healthy, that we could compete for the title. We struggled all year making that happen, and only near the end did things start to gel. Even with all of that, we needed to have almost near perfect performances at Conferences to set us up for Regions, and almost near perfect performances at Regions to give us a shot at states. At states we needed almost near perfect performances from everyone with substantial bonus points to pull it out. That is a lot of variables and things never work out the way that you expect in the post season, but the guys stepped up and were consistent throughout. It was a tremendous effort."

Please note that a Moment link has been added within the link bar under History on the main page where this list will also be found. The complete list can be found here: All Time Greatest Moments and Achievements

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